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NWI March for Life Chicago Trip Information

(last update 11-26- 16)

Why we March:

  • We march to remember the 57 million lives of little girls and boys that have been lost to abortion.
  • We march to demand legislative action to protect every life.
  • We march to revive a culture of life across our country.
  • We march to share the truth that abortion harms women physically, emotionally, and mentally.
  • We march to share the truth that there is hope and healing after abortion.
  • We march because each and every life is a gift from God.
  • We march to be a voice for the voiceless.

Rally and March Info:

  • Please be respectful of all people and stay focused on the cause of promoting and celebrating life, lovingly and graciously.
  • March in the center of the street.
  • Do not engage with counter protesters (if any), instead pray from them.
  • Do bring March for Life signs – feel free to make your own – keep it simple, use bold bright colors and be creative!
  • Do not leave trash or signs on the ground. If trash bins are full, please carry your trash or sign with you until you find an available trash bin.

Helpful Tips:

  • This is a family friendly event. Be Nice, be joyful/peaceful/respectful.
  • There will be porta-potties at the Plaza (Rally) and there will be hot coffee and chocolate for sale during the rally.
  • Dress layered to keep warm. Bring hot hands/feet to stick in your gloves and boots. Chicago is cold and windy in January.

Social Media:

  • Social media is a great way to advocate for a culture of life and to spread the message of the March for Life!
  • Be social, share your pictures, use hashtags.

Suggested Prayers:

Click for some suggested prayers for the event