Another Successful Year at the Fair
Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 7:43PM
Porter County RTL
Our faithful team of volunteers has allowed Porter County Right to Life to educate and 
interact with hundreds of fair-goers again this year, delivering a pro-life message to some 
who might never attend our banquet or otherwise hear the truth about the sanctity of life. 
So many people examined the series of fetal models, as well as the “Precious One” life-
like model of a 12 week developing fetus that can be held in the hand. Moms and dads 
expecting a baby used these tools to show their children what their growing brother or 
sister looks like. A National Geographic DVD detailing the amazing development of a 
baby in the womb ran continuously. All who signed up to join our email list were entered 
into a raffle to win a $50 restaurant gift card. The winner’s name will be announced next 
week. Pro-life literature and balloons were freely given, while pro-life merchandise was 
available at cost. The only profit PCRTL hopes to gain from the fair booth is hearts won 
to the pro-life cause! Consider joining us at the booth in 2015!


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